Urological Cancers (Prostate, Kidney, Bladder, Testis)

Urological cancer can be successfully managed in the right environment. Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment is now a more common problem amongst men. Our service offers blood testing of the prostate specific antigen and genetic marker tests. We use the latest 3T MRI with uro-radiological specialists reporting the scans. All our investigations are reviewed in […]

Men’s Health & Erectile Dysfunction

Men’s Health is a very important area which is often poorly understood. The andropause is one such example of men underperforming both cognitively and sexually. We are very aware of the number of ‘quick fix’ clinics and treatments available without prescription that may be dangerous without expert monitoring. My clinic has a comprehensive service using […]

Kidney & Bladder Stones

Kidney stones are a problem for many people. If dealt with early non-invasive techniques or even dietary change may be sufficient to treat you. Occasionally more invasive but still key-hole procedures are performed using miniature cameras and lasers. Cutting edge diagnostic tests are used to measure the stone burden followed by detailed counseling before any […]

Endometriosis & Gynaecological cancers

Women suffering from these complex conditions often require surgical treatment.  I work closely within benign gynaecological and gynae-oncological surgeons offering urological opinions and surgery during these procedures. This multidisciplinary approach provides superior outcomes for the patient.

Harley Street Urology

I have been offering Urological Services for a number of years in Harley Street within my rooms at 136 Harley street, and several private hospitals (Princess Grace Hospital, London Clinic, Harley Street Clinic, Portland Hospital). General Urology Men and Women complain of lower urinary irritable symptoms. Using non-invasive methods after appropriate investigations we can improve […]